Issue 132 – Equipment Review

SQN - 5SB Series II

SQN, based in the Isle of Man, have been manufacturing broadcast quality audio mixers since 1980. Their mixers have earned the title ‘industry standard’ over the years from many sound-recordists working in the film and television industry. SQN mixers are renowned for their reliability, ruggedness and ease of use. The SQN-5SB Series II is no different.

At first glance the build quality of the mixer becomes apparent. The outer casing is made from aluminium and the end blocks holding the panpots and connectors are milled from a solid aluminium bar, making it quite robust. Aesthetically, it is instantly recognizable as an SQN product, with the familiar rotary control knobs that are designed to be pushed with the fingertip and not gripped as such. This is a stereo mixer and has two analogue meters on the front panel which are virtually unbreakable. This is indeed a rarity on modern audio mixers as other manufactures opt for light emitting diodes or a digital display. They provide a twin peak readout and as this is the ‘B’ model the unit is equipped with Peak Programme Meters (PPM) – BSI/BBC scales. Other meter options are available. The right channel meter has a suppressed-zero battery voltage scale activated by a front panel push-button.

The full article is printed in Film Ireland 132.

Filmbase recommends the QN-5SB Series II audio mixer, which is currently available to hire from Filmbase, for all professional shoots. 
For further information please contact or phone (01) 8815101.


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