Fading Light
From left to right: Valene Kane, Patrick O’Donnell, Emma Eliza Regan and Bibi Larrson in ‘The Fading Light’

This Film Ireland podcast is a recording of the IFI’s Conversations with Irish Filmmakers series with writer/director Ivan Kavanagh and the cast of The Fading Light. Chaired by Manus McManus of the IFI Irish Film Archive and with contributions from the main cast made up of Patrick O’Donnell, Bibi Larrson, Karen Griffin, Emma Eliza Regan and Valene Kane.

The Fading Light won the Dublin Film Critic’s Circle Award for Best Irish Film and Patrick O’Donnell won Best Actor at 2010 JDIFF.

Short clips form Ivan’s earlier work and from The Fading Light are screened and discussed by the panel, and the audience are invited to join in and ask questions. Ivan talks about his background, his directing style built around improvisation and shooting in sequence, and his influences including documentary maker Peter Watkins and Ulrich Seidl.

This is a podcast of 52 minutes duration.

Director Ivan Kavanagh and producer AnneMarie Naughton receiving award at the JDIFF. Photo by Pat Redmond.




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