Issue 132 – Get into Shorts with Shortspace @ Filmbase

shortspaceClare Creely introduces the new screening space that’s about giving your shorts legs.

Over the last couple of years applications for the short film award schemes administered by Filmbase has risen dramatically. Hundreds now pour in every year, competing for funding for the Filmbase/RTÉ Short Film awards, which has been running for over two decades, the Filmbase/TG4 Lasair scheme for the production of Irish-language shorts and the Arts Council/RTÉ-funded RTÉ Dance on the Box scheme for the production of short dance films. Filmbase has also run other schemes on an ad hoc basis, for instance the Filmbase/Setanta Sports Short Documentary award in 2008.

Competition is fierce as these short film schemes are limited in the number of films they can fund each year. However, their popularity lies in the fact that they act as a steppingstone for filmmakers embarking on their filmmaking career. They offer an opportunity to make your film on a budget (ranging from €10,000 to €22,000, depending on the scheme) rather than having to beg, borrow and steal to make your masterpiece out of your own pocket. The funding also enables filmmakers to engage other professionals to work on the project too – unless your friends are happy to be runners/DOP/sparks and your granny doesn’t mind being gaffer for the day, this is invaluable! Also, the team at Filmbase offer support and guidance throughout the process thus (hopefully) ensuring that the job at hand is never too daunting and that any problems are ironed out.

The full article is printed in Film Ireland 132.


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