Andrew Legge at IFI

Perhaps the most distinctive feature of Irish writer/director Andrew Legge’s work to date is his uncanny ability to recreate the texture and the aesthetic of silent and early sound film, often to great comedic effect. Fresh from a stint at the Cannes Film Festival’s Cinefondation Residence, Andrew Legge will take part in a post-screening Q&A.

This programme of his work (1pm Sunday 28th March) will include The Unusual Inventions of Henry Cavendish, a tale of a young inventor and his time machine which seamlessly combines scenes of Dublin shot in 1897 with new material shot on a clockwork 16mm Russian ‘Krasnogorsk’ camera, and The Chronoscope, a story of a female inventor who is kidnapped by the Third Reich after she invents a camera with the power to see into the past.

IFI Ireland on Sunday is the IFI’s monthly programme of screenings which showcases new fiction and documentary works and provides a space for audiences to engage with the filmmakers.


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  1. I just spoke with the producer, Ben Keenan. Apparently it isn’t at the minute, but he’s going to look into it. If it’s ok with you, could I can send him on your email address?


  2. Gemma –

    Absolutely! I still rate this the best of the films I saw in 2010 at several film fests. Sorry it took so long to respond, I had a hard drive crash and an only now getting to all the bookmarks I had saved. Thanks!


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