Niall McKay talks to Brant Smith Director of 'In-World War'

Vivienne Connolly in 'In-World War'

Filmmaker Niall McKay talks to artisan filmmaker DJ Bad Vegan, aka Brant Smith, about his upcoming off-beat, low-budget, sci-fi feature In-World War. The film was partly shot in Dublin and features model Vivienne Connolly.

Set 70 years in the future, the main character is trapped in a virtual reality historical simulation of the war on terror years, our time, and every time he tries to log out he wakes up in a different body in a different city.

Brant talks about shooting in three cities with three different cameras, casts and crew, plus his thoughts on self distribution and the festival circuit as a ‘backpack budget’ filmmaker. – Brant’s general low-budget filmmaking website – Brant’s website and blog for the Film – Niall McKay’s website

This is a podcast of 22 minutes 30 seconds.



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