'The Craic' available in DVD for the first time in Ireland

Element Pictures Distribution has announced the premiere Irish DVD release of The Craic from December 4th.  Set in 1980’s Belfast, this fish-out-of-water comedy about two Irish runaways in Australia stars the stand-up comedian Jimeoin and Alan McKee.

Fergus and Wesley are enjoying a nice quiet pint – until they insult Colin, a local gangster, about his hair implants.  Things go from bad to worse when they walk unwittingly into the middle of a British S.A.S raid that sees Colin carted off. In a bid to escape his vengeance, the lads decide to flee Belfast for Sydney.

Life is good down under until their visas run out and immigration officials close in.  On the run again, Fergus and Wesley travel down the coast in search of beaches, babes and beer.  But Colin has turned informer and is now in Australia as part of the ‘Supergrass’ program.  What’s more, he has framed the boys for terrorist crimes back home and they’re now high on the British Most Wanted list. In the chaos that follows, will Fergus and Wesley head for the hills again or stand and face the music down under?


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