Issue 131 – Work You Can Bank On


Adam Lacey chats to Voicebank, and Irish agency for talented talkers

There are probably a large number of us who spend some of these cold winter evenings lolling about our sitting rooms, mocking the sleazy tones of ‘yer man from that ad’ or encountering Ben Dunne on the radio doing it all himself in a decidedly odd manner. The truth is, underneath what seems like the simple job of reading a brief script for an ad, there is a bustling industry that provides a tidy earner for those in the undependable world of acting. As Deborah Pierce, an owner of Voicebank – one of the main Irish companies used by businesses and other clients to find voice artists – tells me: ‘Of course the recession has affected everyone but things have certainly picked up for us here since August. We fill the gaps of what the clients need. We’re kind of like a shop in that regard.’  And it seems that the ‘creative’ aspect of certain thespians frequently needs to be curbed in a business that demands straight script-reading and little improvisation.

The full article is printed in Film Ireland 131.


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