Interview with 'Identities' Director Vittoria Colonna and Producer Rachel Lysaght


Film Ireland talks to Identities Director Vittoria Colonna and Producer Rachel Lysaght about how their initial research for a drama gradually morphed into the winner of both the best documentary at Gaze Film Festival 2009 and the Irish Council for Civil Liberties Human Rights Film Award.
“Identities charts the multicoloured, multicultural transgender community in Ireland. The filmmakers introduce us to Sybil, Sahara, Slick’O, Lee and Crystal who give shape to the different but parallel worlds of Transvestism, Transsexualism, Drag, Sexual identity, and Gender Dysphoria”, the filmmakers discuss how their relationship with those portrayed in the film developed through the filmmaking process.

‘Abstract self-representation through performance art opens our eyes to each character’s potential to exist in fantasy. Intercut with black and white interviews, fly on the wall footage documents the quotidien experience, throwing reality into sharp relief.’ Vittoria and Rachel talk about how these cinematic ideas came about and how the Arts Council and Irish Film Board were both very supportive in giving two debut documentary makers the freedom and support to make the film they wanted.

Identities also screened at the LA Irish Film Festival on September 25th 2009 in the Aero Theatre, Santa Monica, for more details on screenings around Ireland visit

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