Issue 129 – A useful website guide for animation


Richard Keane gives us the tour.

This interweb lark is definitely going to catch on, so we decided to include some of the more popular websites that you’re likely to find saved on an animator’s web browser.

No doubt there are lots of important sites that didn’t make the list, so if you think we have missed any really good ones, please let us know and we will include them on the website.

Animation and Creative Blogs

This is an interview with Ralph Eggleston about designing with a purpose. Ralph was the production designer on Pixar’s gorgeous WALL-E.
Nick McGivney’s lyrical take on the state of advertising in Ireland and in general.
The Small Print is an independent project developed to promote great creativity.
An animation blog from the team in Brown Bag Films.
Blogs by the wonderful people at Cartoon Saloon. Check out their ‘Blog of Kells’
Another Irish animation company’s blog with links to recent work.
Showcasing exceptional creativity, wherever it may be, through interesting formats and memorable projects.
This is a website on the style and design of ’50s animation. Taking the various styles of the UPA studio this website gives you a great understanding of where animation design has come from.
Why not learn from the masters themselves. The legendary Frank and Ollie have their own website and have some animation tips that are a must read for every animator.
The creator of VeggiTales shares lots of information and there is a very interesting story about how VeggiTales got sold to Entertainment Rights.

Animation Training
In Ireland we are lucky to have two fantastic animation colleges in Ballyfermot and Dun Laoghaire. But if your situation does not suit the college life this site gives you a place to earn a diploma in 18 months with the help from world class tutors.

Animation Podcasts and
These are two great sites for amazing podcasts on animation and various tips and links to other websites. Both sites interview the very best in the industry and are very inspiring.

An amazing online repository for everything Mark Kennedy knows about storyboarding, filmmaking, drawing, and animation. Put aside a few hours to read his epically interesting blogs!
After working in layout for Disney for eight years and then going into various other sides of the entertainment industry, let’s just say Denise knows her stuff!
This is where to discover the art behind the art with Rob Richards, while waiting for him to return from a temporary hiatus.
Screengrabs from films and great links to other sites about cinematography.

Character Design
This site supports the development of Ireland’s illustrator community and shows a diverse range of superb design work.
Stephen has a very recognisable style since he has worked on so many high profile projects. He also has a tutorial section to his site and is a fantastic teacher.
Mark McDonnell has worked for every major studio and has just released a must have book on gesture drawings. This is a collection of his designs, development, doodles and dabbles.
Interviews and galleries from the top artists in animation, movies, games, illustration and comics.
Nate does amazing designs and illustrations for animation and children’s books, which can all be found here.
This is a forum where John Nevarez posts daily to semi-daily sketches of his observations, thoughts, concepts and basically whatever comes to his mind.

Irish Interest
Blatant self-promotion, but this is truly Ireland’s best ever website. No contest. All the latest news, links, resources, expanded interviews and articles from Film Ireland. Oh, and did I mention
All the latest news and events about the animation industry in Ireland can be found here.
Lots of news and resources on the Irish film and television community.
The online home for the creative Irish design community, or, alternatively, a popular place for anonymous bitchy backstabbers to ‘comment’ on other people’s work.
A great new networking site for Irish animators with fantastic events organised regularly.
Ireland’s online community for CG artists and animators.

Animation News
An online news publication with articles from around the world.
KidScreen is the leading international trade publication and essential reading for anyone interested in children’s entertainment.
Comprehensive coverage of the international animation community news.
All the latest news on the business, technology and art of animation can be found here.
Updated frequently each day, this news site is a hub for the international entertainment community.
This is a key resource for everyone working in the animation industry.

This site provides industry news, features, podcasts, application tips and tricks, and online forums. Widely regarded as one of the top information sources for high-end visual effects professionals.
This is one of Ireland’s more popular technology news services with plenty of frequently updated articles on technology.
Dedicated to obsessively profiling and reviewing new internet products and companies.
Digg is true online democracy – the most popular articles as Digged by the public. The technology section has a finger on the world’s pulse as to what’s popular each day.
This site has reviews, news, downloads and price comparisons about the latest technology.

3D Stereoscopy Technology
Your one-stop information source about the fascinating world of 3D stereoscopy.
Strictly for the technically-minded nerds out there (you know who you are), this is Autodesks white paper on the ever-changing future of stereoscopic technology.

You know the one!
Like YouTube but with better compression on uploaded videos. Highly recommended for distributing your work.
They must be the only content Dot-com from circa 2000 that aren’t Dot-gone. They are still a good resource for web-based comedy shorts.
If you don’t understand Facebook, Bebo or Twitter (i.e. you are over 35 years old) then check out for some incredibly simple and brilliant summaries.
When you have finished reading this issue of Film Ireland from cover to cover, you need to rush out and make a short film (over a 6–12 month period) and then enter it to the brilliant Darklight Film Festival. Animation is simple, really.


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