Issue 129 – Film Ireland – July/August 2009 (The Animation Issue)

The Animation Issue! Guest edited by Cathal Gaffney of Brown Bag Films

Put your 3D glasses on to look at the cover!

Film Ireland 129 Cover

Plan 3D from Outer Space
Don’t call it a gimmick. A new wave of animated features is using stereoscopic 3D to create sophisticated, fully immersive storytelling environments. Niall Kitson gives an in-depth report. Read more here

Toy Stories
Lee Griffin of equipment vendor Eurotek, gives Niall Kitson a practical industry viewpoint on the future of 3D. Read more here

Up, Up and Away
Film Ireland talks to Pete Docter, director and co-screenwriter of Disney•Pixar’s first 3D animation UP. Read more here

Animation Reality Check
Steve Woods finds out that new technology oiled by good ideas keep the wheels of the animation industry turning over. Read more here

Wide-Eyed Wonder
Aidan Hickey on how to write engaging animation for children. Read more here

We’ll Be Right Back After This Commercial Break
Traditional Irish advertising agencies and marketing departments have some facing up to the future to do. But the time is now, contends Nick McGivney. Read more here

State of the Animation Nation
Jamie Hannigan talks to producer and founder of Magma Films Ralph Christians. Read more here

Child’s Play
It may not be easy, but merchandising and licensing can make children’s entertainment big business. Alan Gregg tells us how. Read more here

Frameworks Works
Jennie McGinn on the continued success of the Irish Film Board’s animated shorts scheme. Read more here

Rigging It
Ever wondered what a ‘creature technical director’ gets up to on a daily basis? Greg Maguire of Industrial Light & Magic (the visual effects company founded by George Lucas) gives us a day in the life. Read more here

A Foot in the Door
Scott Townsend takes a look at how the right college course can offer a career path into the animation industry. Read more here

A Useful Website Guide for Animation
Richard Keane gives us the tour. Read the full article here

From Concept to Completion
Film Ireland asked the talented character designers and storyboard artists of The Station ( to outline the animation process from ‘concept to completion’. Read more here

TV, or not TV
Why TV ain’t what it used to be, by Neil Leyden. Read more here

Short Is Sweet, Feature Is Sweeter
Ross Whitaker talks to Ken Wardrop about his new documentary feature His and Hers. Read the full article here

A day in the working life of Dominic Lawrence, Sound Engineer.
It’s not all about the picture you know… Read the full article here