Anything For Her

Anything For Her

DIR/WRI: Fred Cavayé • PRO: Olivier Delbosc, Eric Jehelmann, Marc Missonnier • DOP: Alain Duplantier • ED: Benjamin Weill • DES: Philippe Chiffre • CAST: Vincent Lindon, Diane Kruger, Lancelot Roch

Written and directed by Fred Cavayé, this film tells the story of a horrific ordeal one family goes through.
Julien (Vincent Lindon) and Lisa (Diane Kruger) are blissfully in love and living a happy life with their young son Oscar. Their life appears to be trouble-free until one morning the police arrive and Lisa is arrested for murder. Instantly, idyllic happiness turns into a nightmare. Three years later and Lisa is serving twenty years in jail with no hope of getting out before then. The story focuses on Julien and his attempts to cope with his wife in prison and raising their son alone. He brings Oscar to see his mother in prison every week but Oscar is distant towards his mother and Lisa is slipping into suicidal depression. Julien is trying his best to get Lisa out of prison but when each way seems to be a dead end, his actions become much more drastic. The plot sucks you in and you’ll be kept on the edge of your seat until the end of the film.
The plot may not be entirely believable but the acting in this is superb. The chemistry between Julien and Lisa more than make up for any failings of the plot. You feel a real emotional connection to these characters and you’ll be biting your nails, wondering how it will turn out in the end.

Nessa O’Hara
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Rated 15a (see IFCO website for details)
Anything For Her
is released on 5th June 2009
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