Issue 128 – Film Ireland – May/June 2009 (The Bargain Issue)

The Bargain Issue! Guest edited by Ken Wardrop and Andrew Freedman

Cover Issue 128

Yes, Minister
The Minister for Arts, sport and Tourism, Martin Cullen, sheds light on what the most recent budget means for the Irish Film industry. Sheena Sweeney interviews. Read more here

Shoots & Roots
Gavin Burke reports on the Catalyst Project, a scheme set up to nurture budding filmmakers. Read more here

How Do They Do It?
Liz Gill looks at the highly successful Danish film industry and wonders: could we learn a thing or two? Read more here

8 Is the Magic Number
8 features, 8 directors, 8 rules. Gavin Burke investigates the octically-obsessed Advance Party II. Read more here

Mind Games
If you want your movie seen, it’s not enough to target a specific audience: you have to play marketing mind games with them too, writes Niall Kitson. Read more here

Take a Chance
Always wanted to work in the film industry but were afraid to try? Tara Brady talks to a few brave souls who followed their hearts and filled their pockets. Kind of. Read more here

Friend or Foe
Adam Lacey asks whether Irish critics are doing Irish film any favours. Read more here

Extra, Extra, Read All About It
Adam Lacey explores the extraordinary world of the extra. Read more here

Waging Bull
Jamie Hannigan talks to SIPTU/Equity representative Des Courtney and Sean Stokes from Screen Producers Ireland. Read more here

Pets on Sets
Michael Freeman on the last great untapped income source. Read more here

You Won’t Be Able To Look Away
Ross Whitaker talks to Brendan Muldowney and Conor Barry about their low-budget feature Savage. Read more here