Prom Night

Prom Night
Prom Night

DIR: Nelson McCormicka• WRI: J.S. Cardone • PRO: Neal H. Moritz • DOP: Checco Varese • ED: Jason Ballantine • DES: Jon Gary Steele • CAST: Brittany Snow, Idris Elba, Dana Davis, Scott Porter, Johnathon Schaech.

Finally, a modern thriller that proves the killer doesn‘t need to hide behind a mask to be frightening – the inner monster is far more terrifying. Prom Night may not be one for the Oscars, but it is one for the DVD rack.

As you can guess from the title, the events take place on the night of the senior prom, where Donna Keppel, an 18 year-old girl with a horrific past is looking forward to the time of her life.The senior prom, or debs as it is known here, is meant to be a night of glamour, fun and friends but someone has other ideas. Even being surrounded by friends doesn’t stop the past catching up with Donna, as the prom magic soon turns to obsessed murder and she must face a man she thought was out of her life forever.

Compared to the more traditional style of Japanese horror films, the American versions have been lacking the scare factor, replacing it with senseless blood and gore that serves to sicken rather than to scare.

While Prom Night may not be ‘A’ material, it does do the job in providing the jumps and uneasy moments that any thriller or horror film needs to hold an audience. The usual maniac is not hidden behind a hockey mask and chainsaw, but is just a man, stomach-churning all on his own.

Like all films of this genre, the ending was fairly predictable – tense moments when it’s a will he, won’t he situation, that will, surprisingly, still leave you gripping the edge of your seat, anxious for the end.
With a running time of only an hour and a half, it’s an enjoyable film, earning that place on the DVD rack.


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